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Caring for your Birman


FRESH WATER should always be available. Your kitten will have been used to drinking from a fountain as well as a bowl. We encourage you to use both types in your home as they foster healthy drinking habits.

NEVER feed your kitten an all dry food diet. Not enough moisture in their diet can lead to health problems later on in their life. Dry food does not prevent dental issues. Only a toothbrush can slow down or prevent decay.


ALWAYS introduce any new food slowly. Mix it into the old food a fourth at a time gradually increasing at each meal until they are only eating the new food. If there are no intestinal issues continue using the food. Please wait several days before trying a new brand of food. Again, repeat as directed above.  



Our Birmans want to recommend this bed and give it a 4 paws up!


The Amazon Kitty City Cat Bed is not only reasonably priced and it’s machine washable! Great for when you occasionally need to disinfect it. (Lysol laundry sanitizer added to your regular laundry detergent works great.)

We love this bed because it simply folds for travel or you can mold it into a medium size carrier. It easily transforms back to its original shape. 

Kitty City Cat Bed, Cat House Bed,Sofa Bed, Cat Rope Bed



There are many wonderful toys on the market and each cat will have a favorite depending on their style of play. We particularly like toys that encourage your Birman’s natural instinct to hunt. Our favorites include Rosie Rat, Da Bird wand and fur ball toys, Bergan Turbo Ring and Scratcher and/or, the Cat-It Senses interactive Track. 


“Rosie” can be found at, Jeffers and on


Tunnels are also great entertainment for younger cats and kittens. 


Never leave any wand toy unattended with your cat, no matter how much your Birman stares you down or mews.


Please keep rubber bands, paper clips and other tiny objects that can be easily ingested away from your Birman. This will save you from an emergency trip to your veterinarian!



New Introductions

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