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Our resident rescue, Cosi & household manager, Kodama
7 Month Old Navi
Ocean, Our Hungarian princess

About Luvs2Purr

Luvs2Purr Birmans is a small CFA registered cattery located in Buffalo, New York and owned by Debra and Ken Weiner.


Debra is a longtime cat enthusiast (or as her children like to lovingly say,”a crazy cat lady”) who began with rescues. In the mid-1970’s Debra received her first stud boy, a beautiful CFA registered silver tabby Exotic Shorthair, Jasha. Jasha sired several exquisite litters of kittens before he was neutered for health reasons.

Ken (the "crazy cat lady's" husband) became a loving dad of one of Jasha’s offspring. It was the beginning of a lifetime of love and respect for all things feline.


About ten years ago, we fell in love with the beautiful Birman cat. After some research and many late night discussions, we decided to get to know this special breed better. Five years ago, we adopted our first Birman, a beautiful neutered blue point boy, Kodama. It was an immediate love connection! He came to live with us and our resident rescue cat, Cosi. 


Four years later, we were blessed to be given our Navi. I had been waiting several years for a blue tabby show girl but when Navi, a seal tabby boy was placed in my arms, he put his paws around my neck and began kissing my face. Another love connection and the rest is history. You can read more about our sweet Navi under our “Kings."


August 2017, I flew to Hungary to bring home my future Queen – a stunning lilac girl from my dear friend, Ildiko of Lyrene Birmans. Ildiko shares the same beliefs and concerns about breeding Birmans from healthy bloodlines with good temperament and lots of love. We both felt that Navi and Ocean would compliment the other and would produce stunning offspring to the standard of the breed. More can be found on Ocean under our "Queens."


Spring 2018, Navi and Ocean began our breeding program. Since, it has expanded to include the beautiful Birmans you'll find under our "Queens" and "Kings." Summer of 2019, I flew to Sicily to bring back our beautiful girl Ex Quisite from my dear friend and breeder Patrizia of Birmanlicious. Ex Quisite along with our stunning Qiqi, are future Queens.

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